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Sunday, March 24, 2024
12 pm - 3 pm

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Hello World Changers! Discover your power, embrace your uniqueness, and join us at Inspire: A Place for Women to BE. It's more than an event; it's a celebration of you. Engage in empowering conversations, connect with like-minded women, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Be inspired, be uplifted, and be a part of a community that celebrates the strength, beauty, and resilience of every woman. Your presence matters!  Invite a sister/friend! Come, share, and let's inspire together.

Tonya L. Whiteside, Vision Catalyst

Our 2024 Guest Speakers

Tahera Rene Christy .jpeg

Tahera Rene Christy

Tahera Rene Christy
Founder & Creative Director
Amour Propre®️

Dr. Dana Emerson.jpeg

Dr. Dana Emerson,

CEO of Women Hold Up Half the Sky (WHUHTS), Inc.

Tasha Chambliss.jpeg

Tasha Chambliss

Tasha Chambliss ML

Professor, Career and Technical Education 

Co-Coordinator Umoja

Rev. Terry Abercrombie.jpg

Rev. Terry Abercrombie

Women's Ministry Director, Friendship Baptist Church

Alesia B. Jackson.jpeg

Alesia B. Jackson

CEO, Abundant Health Consulting 

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Optimal Performance Strategist 

INSPIRE: The Place for Women to BE

Event Speakers
Greeting from Tonya
Welcome to "Inspire: The Place for Women to BE". In honor of the late Stacey T. Bryant, who lost her life to domestic violence, a remarkable supporter and encourager, we present the "Stacey T. Bryant Inspire" Award. We will commemorate an extraordinary woman who, like Stacey, has triumphed over challenges and inspires others through her journey. 

Our Sponsors

Kathleen M Payne - Diamond Sponsor

Deirdre Cuffie - Gold Sponsor

Philip Myers - Gold Sponsor

nAction Family Network - Silver Sponsor

Back To School Jamaica Project - Silver Sponsor

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