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What would you do if you had just become the victim and witness to a murder–suicide? How are you going to process standing between two friends, seeing one friend murder the other? Do you scream? Do you run?

The journey from sorry to a sunny day can be long and emotional. In this life-changing book, Tonya L. Whiteside, founder of The Whiteside Group and award winning author of her bestselling book, Change the Atmosphere with Encouraging Words, tells the eye-witness account of the murder of her longtime friend, Stacey Bryant. Sadly, Stacey was tragically murdered by her husband and high school sweetheart, Eddie.

In this book, Rebuilding Life after Trauma, Tonya shares of her battles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and other struggles due to the effects of what she witnessed. Tonya shares that even on her emotional road upward to recovery, you can rebuild your life and that you may already have in your possession useful components. You can retrain your brain with the right resources and guidance. How we handle depression, adversity, personal crisis, and stress is crucial.

Drawing from the wisdom and knowledge gained, Tonya discusses how you can find: healing for your heart, happiness in your relationships, and hope for better days. If you have lost a loved one tragically due to violence or are trying to move forward in your life due other effects of a traumatic experience, follow Tonya on this journey. Rebuilding Life after Trauma will propel you toward lifelong transformation. By using the positive strategies in the book, you will realize greater possibilities and outcomes for your life. You will discover that everything happens for a reason and nothing is an accident.

Rebuilding Life after Trauma

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