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Do You Like Jolly Ranchers?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I love jolly ranchers!  The bag is a great mix of color and taste.  Yummy flavors like grape, watermelon, apple, cherry, raspberry, blue raspberry.  I enjoy them all, but green apple is my favorite, not too tart not too sweet. I don’t know what it is about those little hard candies.  Just the anticipation of putting it in my mouth gets the juices flowing.  Even the sound of the wrapper is exciting because I know that the great taste is on the way.  But some days I don’t want my favorite and I am so happy that I have choices and I still will not be disappointed.  At no time am I concerned that I chose a different flavor.  I am happy to have choices.  And that is how it is sometimes in the world of business.

One company that figured that out is The Jolly Rancher Company. Founded in 1949, The Jolly Rancher Company decided that of all the products they sold, jolly ranchers were something that could be enjoyed year round and decided to put all of its time energy and resources into creating a great product that could be appreciated by many. What a great concept! With this philosophy, I am reminded of three things in business:

Accept the difference of your team members

When teams are created, the employer is usually looking for someone to complete an important part.  This role usually does not require the exact same person as another team member.

Appreciate the uniqueness of your team members

Uniqueness is one way of setting your team apart from any other team and ultimately could result in a positive return on investment.

Add value by valuing your team members

No matter what your title or position is within a company like answering phones, sweeping floors, or making million dollar decisions, you add value to your team when you value them. If you are on the team then you have value.  Team members are each other’s customer first and the customer is always number 1!

An anonymous author once said, “If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.” Let’s enjoy our team to make the team work!  Try a jolly rancher!  Choose your favorite flavor of the day!  But don’t forget the reason you bought the bag with the different flavors!  They all have value and work great together!

Do you have a favorite flavor jolly rancher?


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