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How do you like your crust?

Thin, thick, pan, deep dish! How do you like your crust? I love good pizza and that includes the crust!

On a recent trip I was able to have little taste of home after existing a flight in Chicago. My Mrs. Kravitz’s nose (from the tv show “Bewitched”), pointed me in the direction of the most amazing smell of pizza in the airport. I literally followed a small crowd to a space where the workers were making made to order pizzas. I stood in line and couldn’t wait to place my order of a deep dish veggie pizza. And of course you cannot have pizza without pop (a midwest name for soda)! In those few moments I was reminded of just how much pizza and pop brought great memories and appreciation for family, friends, fun, and memorable moments.

What memories do you have of family and fun? I encourage you to revisit those memories and share them with those you love. In these times of quarantine and social distancing, we can all use the reminders.


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